Doña Eutemia

Doña Eutemia was the first paladar I visited in Havana.  Chef Hector Lara was at the stove and chatted with me about how he always loved the cooking process.  When I congratulated him on serving some of the most delicious black beans I have ever eaten, and mentioned their addictive sweetness, he claimed that he doesn’t rely on sugar to flavor his beans.  The chef claims that would offer one note of sweetness.  Instead he adds raisins and other naturally sweet ingredients to achieve the flavor.  As he said that he chuckled and admitted he had no raisins that day as the market was out of them, which left the chef to manipulate vinegar and sugar to get the flavor he was looking for.

I also got a glimpse of his piccadillo (ground beef).  While I did not taste it, it was obviously made without raisins but packed with green olives - exactly how I like it.

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