First...a Preface

On a personal note, this project was much more than just another cookbook as it took me to Cuba, my parent's birthplace, for the first time. While travel to Cuba is becoming more commonplace, it is still controversial for many Cuban Americans.  And so in order to provide a context of my journey, I’ve posted my Preface.

I've heard an adage that says "Cuba doesn't take a bad picture".  And it is true.  But those pictures do not always tell the whole story.  Just like any other Cuban tourist, I took many photos and videos of the places I visited, the people I met, and the food I ate.  These personal photos tell the story of the Cuba I saw.  They are not always beautiful, and they are certainly not professional looking, but there are real.  Over the course of the next month, I will share many of these memories.  While Cuba Cooks is packed with photos, recipes, and secrets from Cuban Chefs, many of the stories I collected were unable to be published due to space constraints.  You can think of these postings as outtakes from the book.

- LC