El Litoral

From a culinary perspective, El Litoral was probably one of the most sophisticated paladares in Havana. For starters the kitchen is organized with a traditional hierarchy - Executive Chef (Alain Rivas), Sous Chef (Yoan Maderas), Pastry Chef, etc. They also walk the line between traditional Cuban dishes (the best cascos de guayaba I have ever taste - recipe and story found in #CubaCooks) and some that are clearly influenced by foreign cuisines.   When I asked Chef Alain why so many paladares serve non-Cuban dishes like paella, risotto, etc., his response was that many Cuban chefs travel via their cookbooks.

Chef Pernot organized and cooked a dinner with the chefs of El Litoral, which is located on el malecon, just a few blocks away from the American Diplomatic Mission. 

First 📸 by Steve Legato

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